Blog Like a Pro Lesson 5: Be Generous

Blog Like a Pro Lesson 5: Be Generous

by Jeff Goins | 48 Comments

This is Day 5 in our 7-day Blog Like a Pro (BLP) Challenge. If you missed yesterday’s lesson on spreading your message like St. Patrickstart there. Also, check in on Facebook to see what others are doing!

While I was growing up, my dad used to say to me, “what goes around, comes around.” It took me 20 years but I’ve finally learned the truth of those words.

It wasn’t until I began trying to write full-time that I realized how important relationships were — to everything. Every job I’ve had, every lucky break I’ve received, can all be attributed to relationships.

Give and take

As you probably know, all healthy relationships are two-sided, built on a system of giving and taking. But the people who ultimately end up winning in life are the ones who give more than they take.

Adam Grant wrote about this in his book, Give and Take, in which he shared that the world’s most successful people were givers. But he also noted that the world’s least successful people were givers, too.

So what does it take to be the right kind of giver? The kind that isn’t a doormat or a pushover?

You have to be strategically generous, according to Grant, giving in ways that can create a network of people who will continue to pay you goodwill so that everyone benefits. This doesn’t mean you only help the people who can help you or that you use your generosity for selfish gain. But it does mean that your time is limited. So where you invest it better count.

Strategic generosity in action

Here’s how I apply this: in all things, including blogging, I try to give more than I take, offer more than I ask, and share what I learn along the way.

One thing I’ve learned with a blog is the community is contingent on generosity. You can’t build a tribe of dedicated followers without a spirit of giving guiding it. Otherwise, people will assume you’re only out for your own gain. And nobody will trust someone they know to be selfish.

So here’s what you do. You want an audience for your words? You want a popular blog? You need to give your way into influence. Before they make it about you, you will have to make it about them.

Developing a generous mindset

The exercise today is quite simple. You must give something of value away to your audience. This is the best way to build trust and even earn the attention of a larger audience. We all implicitly trust those who want to give more than take. So be that kind of person. In the end, you’ll learn what goes around does indeed come around.

By the way if enjoyed yesterday’s challenge to guest post, you’ll love this free eBook on writing guest posts. Download it here.

And since I believe in putting my money where my mouth is, I’ll be doing a giveaway myself. Read the challenge below to find out more.

Assignment: Find something you can give away on your blog. Use a plugin like Rafflecopter, or keep it low tech and just let people enter by leaving a comment. Once you do this, drop a comment here and you’ll be entered to win a year’s subscription to SumoMe Pro, the tool I use to grow my blog. I’ll pick one lucky winner in the next 24 hours.

What will you be giving away? Share in the 48 Comments.

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I am a giver and most take advantage of me.  I am behind on this challenge but wanted to post this for memory sake so if I get the time I can do it right.  I guess My heart is not into this like I thought.

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