Live Your truth by Sandy Cooper book review 2015

It is my pleasure to accept a free copy of “Live Your Truth” by Sandy Cooper’s  from Word Slinger Publicity for a free review.   My first expression is “WOW” I can totally relate to her! Sandy walks into work on her 50th birthday and gets the “you are fired,” and her boyfriend on the same day breaks off their long term love relationship.  I thought to myself, what a bad day and how others could relate to her story at any age!  Sandy is in a total daze driving home and gets a phone call from her mother only to disclose that she was just diagonosed with “multiple myeloma,” never saying “Happy Birthday.”  How sad!  Ny heart sunk like a tanker ship.  So, Sandy’s mom’s career is in nursing and the dad is a teacher.  Growing up with those two fields would make you think that life would be such a bed of roses, and it is until her 50th birthday.  Her mom ever did the finances only the father and that is how many children see their parents deal with house hold finances, or it being a common thing for many of us.  Now she is told by her parents to handle all of their money as they are getting ill and needing more care.  But the knk comes when her grandmother who is 94 asks Sandy to take over the Power of Attorney for her fiances.  Imagine having to take care of three older adults, their houses, bank accounts, retirement accounts and the tsunami of responsibility that Sandy had to do!  If you have ever had to do just one elder parent etc, imagine three!  Sandy got a quick lesson on how to do of the difficult things that she had no idea of what to do or where to start thinking of the twisting tornado of tasks she would have to accomplish with little to no help from anyone.  The book talks about Sandy having a sister but I am not sure why she was not in all of this more and a brother that passed away.  To top it all off Sandy has to drive to and from one State to Another more often than her health could possibly handle, and imagine how depressed Sandy has to eventually get.  Oh how I can.  If you think working one or two jobs is hard, trying do that and having three elderly family members to take care of 24/7/365!  I thought to myself, wow, I am having a great day and a great life!  It was a very enjoyable book that brought my emotions in many directions, teaching me more about elderly care, finances, retirement and depression that I thought it would.  I would not wish this on anyone much less the author.  My heart wanted to leap out find her and give her a hug for being so courageous and self sacrificing to the determent of her own health.  I won’t spoil the entire book, but this is one book everyone at any age over 18 can learn from.  If you know someone that has to go through what Sandy did, this is a great learning tool with tons of information that even myself at age 48 learned from.  In the end you will see how Living Your Truth is so important and how Sandy will make you feel like her personal friend. © 2015 Jackie Paulson