Dealing with a Narcissist: 8 Steps to Raise self esteem and Set Boundaries with Difficult People by Darlene Lancer Book Review

Dealing with a Narcissist PersonDo you want to know how to deal with a Narcissist person?  Darlene Lancer will give you 8 steps to raise your self-esteem and set boundaries with difficult people.  This book is a self help guide that will help you journal questions and answers to help you with people with personality disorders or even finding out how your childhood could be the cause of your failed relationships in adulthood. Darlene Lancer will ask thought provoking questions, give exercises to help you realize if a loved one is a Narcissist person with traits you will know or not after evaluating your own assessments covered in this book.  It is suggested to keep a journal while reading this book and that is what I have done.  I have also read all of Lancer’s books and felt that the co-dependency book  is a book you need to read also.  I learned that if I grew up as a people pleaser, feeling unlovable, rejected, invisible, unheard and ignored that I am a co-dependent and part Narcissist because of the dysfunctional family life I was raised in.  “It can be hard to empathize with Narcissistic people, but they do not choose to be that way, they bear scars from childhood.”  I have learned more about myself and those around me by reading this book than if I did not.  One great lesson is “Don’t Take It Personally.” If you think you or someone you know is a narcissist person, has boundary issues, relationship issues, or a personality disorder than this book will help you learn how to deal with it in 8 easy steps.  © 2015 Jackie Paulson