Divorce: What an Education by Patrick Vessey Book Review

Divorce: What an Education by

Have you ever wondered about how the Divorce and the concept of judgement works in California? This book by Patrick Vessey tells those who have been wronged by the judicial system of family law and divorce. It is a non-fictional book written by the author about his own experiences in family court. “What is five thousand lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A GOOD START.” Have you gotten remarried or wanted to get remarried after a divorce? Vessey remarried a woman and also adopted her children in order to help free the family of the biological father’s influence. Vessey’s book offers practical advice mostly for men but useful to women with the do’s and don’ts of family law and divorce proceedings. He wishes to give you the advice and knowledge and avoid heartache with your divorce that will educate you! What I liked most about this book is the detail and research into the history of divorce baked up with a bibliography. “The first divorce in the new world was recorded in 1639 by the Puritans in Massachusetts.” Alec Baldwin made key pints in his book, “A Promise to Ourselves” A Journey through Fatherhood and Divorce that everyone needs to read a copy of to survive in the area of family law and Divorce in the future. © 2015 Jackie Paulson