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100_0137This is ME JACKIE ♥

Today is 3/7/2015 and I have a new FOCUS for my blog.  I am going to be an online coach.  I would love for you to join my Facebook page and ask questions.  I am called to be a counselor, spiritual, angel, Intuitive and called by God to seek my passion.  It is my hope to help those out here on the internet to get answers to questions they may have.

I am going to do online video’s as well with angel readings.  If you have any questions please email me at


You are honest, authentic, sincere, and extremely resourceful. You have an appetite for knowledge and a hunger for truth.

You are thoughtful and perceptive in everything you do. Even as a child, you were wise beyond your years.

Everyone looks up to you and you’re highly regarded, but you’re still approachable due to your warm presence.

You’ve learned a lot in your life and you have a lot to teach and give back. You are an exceptional example for others to follow!

Jackie Paulson is an online book reviewer.  Jackie has another blog that got hacked and now after four years I am starting over again.

I bet I am not the first person to have to do this either!


I am a mother, writer, animal lover, aunt, daughter, renter, avid reader, employee, nature lover, blogger,security guard, paralegal, book reviewer on Amazon.com under my real name. (TOP REVIEWER).

1.What brings you pain and what do you passionately complain the most about?

a)Animal abuse
b)Un- justice
c)My first marriage
d)Job market in economic times, world
e)Abuse of people,
g)People taking advantage of others when they are down and out

2.(The opposite of this highlights your gift and purpose.) What is the opposite?

a)Animal lover
b)Justice-paralegal, law
c)Faithfulness in marriage
d)Equality and jobs for all
e)Freedom to express self and get help
f)All homeless need a home
g)Helping others

Causes you care about:
Animal Welfare
Civil Rights and Social Action
Economic Empowerment
• Education
• Environment
Human Rights
• Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
Poverty Alleviation
• Science and Technology
• Social Services

I have a passion to read and will write books and become a famous Author. If you would like me to review your book, contact me. Thanks. Jackie
-Email- bookreviews19@gmail.com


Reading, writing, blogging, law, paralegal, research, security, Books, and book reviews.
What is an about page?
It is the first place a visitor should want to read to get to know who you are and what you are about!
It is also a calling card or a sign. I want others to want to visit my blog and for this reason I joined in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. After three years of doing it I have made some awesome freinds and followers (Over 3,000)!
I joined in the Blogging 101 in 2015 to learn how to focus more. That is because I was in College for two years and finally graduated to be able to give my blog the “time of day” to get others to want to stop here. My first focus is writing book reviews and helping authors by reading their books and posting reviews to Amazon. My now second focus is to finish the Blogging 101 Challenge to see where it will lead me in 2015, which what I have done is made changes to my Tabs and reading more about what other bloggers are doing.

79 Responses to About me

  1. Léa says:

    Bonjour Jackie! Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts. Léa

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  2. 1kayaker says:

    I like your strong, spiritual, positive outlook and sureness about yourself.

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  3. willowdot21 says:

    Hi I have really just dropped by to say thank you for following my blog. I am at this point in time taking a break from blogging due to factors in the Big Bad Real World! I do hope to be back soon and will look you up asap! I just did not want you to think that I am ignoring you! Be well and happy and be blogging….. I wish I was! 🙂 xx


  4. Very Impressive and great Freelancer Writer you are, you are really awesome dear Keep it up, God bless you 🙂 🙂 😉

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  5. bisimodupe1975 says:

    Hello Jackie, i am inspired by your blog. I think i am going to encourage myself to do a reading challenge just like you. I might just knock on your door for a book review sometime in the future. Delighted to have you visit my blog.

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  6. aboyd85 says:

    I have mentioned you in my post on the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award! I hope you check it out! You can find it here: https://aboyd85.wordpress.com/2015/09/05/sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award/

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  7. aquene7 says:

    Hi Jackie, thanks for the follow and stopping by on my blog. You have a great blog and I will definitely take time out to explore a bit more:-)


  8. Valerie says:

    Thank you for the follow.


  9. Hello Jackie: Just dropped in for a visit. Enjoy your blog.

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  10. belinda says:

    Well, if you hadn’t already captured my attention with the book reviews, you most certainly have it now with the picture of (I’m assuming) your cat. Cats, books, and one or two more things, life is good.

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  11. Thanks for following my blog.


  12. Hi Jackie – Thank you for liking my post at http://www.schoolteachersuperhero.com – Wondering how you found it? Thanks again! Dawn


  13. vivachange77 says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and the Follow.


  14. claidig says:

    Long overdue, but thank you for stopping by and following!


  15. Dr Sze Wey Lee says:

    Hi Jackie – Thanks for visiting and following my blog!

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  16. Herman says:

    Hi Jackie. Thank you for visiting and following HoB. Much appreciated!

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  17. blkkat49 says:

    Hello. I just wanted to thank you for visiting my page.

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  18. Thanks for the follow Jackie 🙂

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  19. Samjoth says:

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog ..!! 🙂
    and looking forward to get to know you more..!!!

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  20. Hi there Jackie, just popping on over to say many thanks for adorning my blog with a follow – greatly appreciated and you are warmly welcomed aboard. Feel free to throw in your comments. Allow me to now have a tour of your own blog, hope you are having a great weekend, MM 🍀

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  21. feigenfrucht says:

    Thanks a lot for your interest – hope you will see inspiring pictures for you in my blog 🙂

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  22. <3 k.arla <3 says:

    Thank you for following my blog – it means a lot to me as I’m totally new to this all 🙂 Have a lovely day ❤

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  23. S.J. Takeshi says:

    Hi Jackie, thank you for following my blog. YOU really own a great blog, and I hope this won’t anymore be hacked in the future.

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  24. Raconteur says:

    You have an amazing blog Jackie. Stay happy!

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  25. badfish2 says:

    What kind of bike is that? Yours? Love your blog. What happens when someone hacks a blog?

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  26. deutschtrailer says:

    Hi Jackie !
    You have a very nice blog, thank you very much ….💗💗💗

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  27. yasniger says:

    Thanks for showing interest in what I put out too. I sincerely hope you continue to find my works entertaining & pleasurable. Be safe.

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  28. Wonderful way to state your passions by your complaints! I love that! Great blog.

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  29. Lexa says:

    Wow, very impressive Jackie and congratulations on the award! How do you fit it all into your busy life?

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  30. Great to meet you, I look forward to seeing more of your blog

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  31. Su Leslie says:

    Thanks for following Shaking the Tree; much appreciated.

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  32. ywwp says:

    Hello Jackie, I saw your visit to my blog and liking few of my posts. with you love. regards http://YourWellWisherProgram.wordpress.com

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  33. Risty says:

    cool style Jackie with lovely blog.. love it ❤

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  34. bkpyett says:

    Thank you Jackie for your follow! ❤

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  35. bhart2015 says:

    Hey Jackie!
    Thanks for stopping by and looking at my blog! Kinda like going thru the neighborhood and getting to know your neighbors. Sorry you had a bad experience before but, we are glad you have returned. As a new blogger I enjoyed seeing what experience can bring to the table.

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  36. thia licona says:

    Thanks Jackie for following https://thiabasilialicona.wordpress.com My hope is restored! Ha Ha HalleluYah! I know now that I am not going to fade away from you graciously or otherwise! Keep in touch! lov 🙂

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  37. thia licona says:

    Wow! Thanks for your awesome in https://thiabasilialicona.wordpress.com/2015/01/27/fading-away-graciouslyperhaps/ but, I wonder, you glad that I am fading? Hope not! Then again, to each his own! Love u anyway and I think you are impressive! 🙂


  38. Hi Jackie, I do have a sweet spot for good books as well, our local bookstore loves me ;0)
    I’ve heard several folks mention being hacked, that is so awful. I don’t want to imagine.
    Good for you to get back at it and follow what you love! The photo a day challenge sounds like a lot of fun. I’ll have to check it out.
    Thank you for the follow on Caramelize Life, I’m please you are enjoying it. Now back to 101 homework…

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  39. ywwp says:

    hey Jackie, good to know about you. Nice work.
    Glad you follow my blog – http://YourWellWisherProgram.wordpress.com
    Your Well Wisher Program is No NGO setup, No big costs, No team formed, No copyright protected, No solution patented, individual effort in an – Attempt to solve commonly known problems.


  40. Robin says:

    I’ve heard of others who have had their blog hacked and then had to start over. So sorry that happened. I don’t get why someone wants to destroy what other people work so hard to create. I used to write book reviews on a former blog of mine, but as much as I love to read, I eventually grew tired of writing reviews. I’ll be checking out yours. Most of the time, my book clubs dictate what I read.


  41. Hi Jackie, I’m so sorry some buggar hacked your blog!! Seriously not on! Congrats on completing college though! That’s awesome! Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and I thought it was high time to return the favor. Best of luck with the Blogging 101 challenge. I’m sure you’ll end up exactly where you need to be! 🙂

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  42. Stef says:

    Jackie, thank you so much for all of your very kind comments on my blog today. And thank you for choosing to follow http://threedailydelights.wordpress.com and http://smilekiddo.wordpress.com – I really appreciate it! Big congrats to you on finishing college – doesn’t it feel great?! 🙂

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  43. jakesprinter says:

    Glad to see my first Friend in WordPress once again welcome back Jackie 🙂

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  44. calensariel says:

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. It really sucks that someone hacked your blog. SO much work goes into them. Hopefully you’ll have this one perfected in no time!


  45. Risty says:

    Hello Jackie,
    Nice to meet you.
    Thanks for your kindness word at my blog
    I follow yours, its the awesome blog.

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  46. Hi Jackie,

    Thanks so much for the blog follow. It led me to your blog, which I am now following. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    I am also interested to learn that you are a fellow Amazon reviewer. I have so much fun reviewing for Amazon. I started out reviewing mainly books, but have branched out into exercise DVDs mainly.

    I look forward to reading more of your interesting posts.

    Happy blogging! 🙂


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  47. It is a pleasure to update my about page with the blogging 101 challenge, but it still needs work, any suggestions?


  48. Anita says:

    Hello Jackie, thank you very much for the follow. I admire that you write reviews; I never know how to start, lol…

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  49. yarnspinnerr says:

    Thanks for the visit and Welcome.

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  50. aimeecartier says:

    Jackie! I love the long list of things you have under who you are. “Renter” particularly made me smile! Looks like you’ve got a ton of good links here too! Can’t wait to check them out. I should probably submit your form to have you review my book.
    Sending love,
    P.S. Thanks for following my blog.

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  51. Total bummer about your site being hacked. Fingers crossed this one stays shiny and clean.
    I look forward to reading your many reviews. Hope you find some worthy words. Cheers!

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  52. Murray Foote says:

    Hello Jackie and thanks for following my blog. You’ve made me focus again about backing up my blog. I currently have 432 posts, 4,600 images and 188,000 words so recreating it from scratch is not an option.

    I presume someone cracked your Admin password. Did you talk to WordPress when it happened? They may have been able to restore from backup though I doubt that would still be possible after six months. Still, you could always ask.

    You can also back up the blog using Tools/ Export as XML. Here is a WordPress post explaining it: http://en.support.wordpress.com/export/ and here is one from another blogger: http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2005/12/19/backing-up-your-wordpresscom-blog/ .

    Probably the WordPress backup gives you everything back. However, backing up with Tools/ Export as XML gives you back your text but not your images: http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/backing-up-a-wordpresscom-photo-blog?replies=8 . I presume that implies a case where your blog has been wiped out including the images; if just a hack that puts up a new post, you contact WordPress, get your password reset, restore the backup and maybe all the images will reappear too.

    If your images are lost then there will be nothing for the XML to refer to as image locations. If like me, you have a copy of your images on disk from when you uploaded them, then you would could upload them again. Image definitions have a date component as you can see if you click on [Text] in the editor – so your newly uploaded images would have a different date to the originals. I would hazard a guess that you could copy the text of a page to Word (from Text mode in WordPress), do a global search and replace, then copy back again. You would have to do this page by page though.

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  53. Thank a billion for visiting our site and for following 🙂 Books is our other love when it’s not travel!!

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  54. 2geeks3knots says:

    Hi, Jackie. Thanks so much for the follow 🙂 We look forward to reading more about…reading. Love your tagline about the discount ticket to everywhere! J&A

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  55. Jane Lurie says:

    Hi Jackie- Thank you for following my photography blog, Jane’s Lens. I hope you are inspired. Terrific blog and I look forward to reading more.

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  56. Hello Jackie,

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and following it.

    Being a book lover, I really feel great to find your blog 🙂

    Have a great time 🙂

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  57. Thank you for liking my post. Pleased to meet you! 🙂

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  58. hugmamma says:

    So sorry to hear the bad news about being hacked. How in the world did you discover it? Spams? Difficulty with Word Press. A few years back they stopped me from commenting on other blogs because they thought I was a spammer. It was a nightmare until Word Press finally straightened things out. Very glad to have you back. Talk about…endurance. (Friday’s Photo Challenge)

    Liked by 2 people

  59. eahjie says:

    Good luck to being an author! 🙂 I have the same goal as yours. Looking forward to your posts, too!

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  60. Thanks for stopping by and following Journeys with Johnbo. Sorry to hear about your hack. I will enjoy reading your reviews and may enjoy some great reading because of your review.

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  61. Hi Jackie, thanks for following us at Raxa Collective! We look forward to checking out your reviews and if you’re on Facebook, hope to see you there 🙂

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  62. Rusha Sams says:

    So great to meet you via the blogosphere! Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. I look forward to learning more about you and what you do/write about. Best wishes for getting back into blogging! http://ohtheplaceswesee.com

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  63. Angeline M says:

    Hi Jackie, good to see you back. Scary thing about the hack! Look forward to your posts.

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  64. vannillarock says:

    Hi Jackie. So glad you stopped in on my humble corner of wordpress- I appreciate it and love to find new blogs. I look forward to seeing more of your reviews. If you are directed to my baking blog I hope you are not confused as you followed my photography/ travel blog @vannilla .Anne

    Liked by 2 people

  65. Khadija says:

    Hey Jackie! Thanks for passing by!…Best for luck!

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  66. MiaMusings says:

    Hi Jackie. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I love reading too…look forward to reading ur reviews and books too!

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  67. Natalie says:

    Hi Jackie, thanks for passing by, didn’t know your old blog but I like your new blog;-)

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  68. Anastasia says:

    Happy 4th to you too! 🙂

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  69. Anastasia says:

    Hello Jackie 🙂 I’ve nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award! http://readandsurvive.wordpress.com/2014/06/30/very-inspiring-blogger-award/ 🙂

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