9 Book Reviews 2015

A 3rd-World Awakening Paperback by Marlene Brown-Daley 

If you need motivation to get out of an unhealthy relationship this book will move you to take action, now.

If you need motivation to get out of an unhealthy relationship this book will move you to take action, now.

“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.” ~George Bernard ShawMrs. Warren’s Profession~

This is a quote that would sum up how to overcome any obstacles that Marlene Brown Daley has done for sure.  What you will like is the way she write her live about her struggles on an island.  Deep down Marlene knows by her faith that she has a purpose so she journals her journey.  You will feel with her in all of your emotions as she chronicles her life from the life of parties, jets, and fame to what her spiritual purpose brings her to. As a young woman, she fell in love and married Richard Daley, bass player for Third World, one the most popular reggae bands in the world. Third World’s stock was already rising with all-time favorite songs, “Lagos Jump” and “96 Degrees in the Shade,” when Stevie Wonder collaborated on the writing and production of “Try Jah Love,” lifting the band to even greater acclaim. Just imagine having four kids and knowing that for the first time realizing that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and having to make the decision to leave the love of her life and go to ground zero.  Her challenges make her strong and courageous in her life as she goes on faith to create the life she really wants which helped her to write this book to inspire those women who want to stay in unhealthy relationships that there is more to life than money, power, and fame!   Her willingness to see opportunity in the face of disappointment allows her to lead a life defined not by fear and desperation, but promise and hope.  I could relate to her story even in a Jamaican Island with her kids hearts needing to be protected first.  I was a single mom for eleven years and this story opened my eyes and heart to want to help women who stay in unhealthy relationships. There is always hope, a way to pull your soul to a deeper level, to realize that in faith you can you what you think you cannot do.  If Marlene can overcome all her obstacles in her book, you can too.  It will motivate you to take steps in the right direction if you feel your heart tugging you.  Learn to connect to your soul on a deeper level to gain the most unimaginable, “but first seek His Kingdom and Righteousness and all will be given onto you.” I would love for you to comment below and hit like because this is my all-time favorite book reading in 2015! Written by Jackie Paulson


[ The Cancer Solution: Taking Charge of Your Life with Cancer Westman, M. D. M. S., Jack C. ( Author ) ] { Hardcover } 2015
by M. D. M. S., Jack C. Westman
Edition: Hardcover
cancer solution cover The cancer survival guide, April 9, 2015

This review is from: [ The Cancer Solution: Taking Charge of Your Life with Cancer Westman, M. D. M. S., Jack C. ( Author ) ] { Hardcover } 2015 (Hardcover)

This is a book everyone should read if you know a person who has cancer. I got it because my dad passed away from cancer and I wanted to read more about his type. It is a very easy to read book for the average person which contain useful information, it’s a handbook to be skimmed first and later used for a great reference book. This book will give you an overview of different forms of cancer treatments, provide you with technical details used for reference, stimulate your interest in cancer care and help you to become an informed advocate. Jack’s hope is that his experience will inspire others to take charge of their lives with cancer and become advocate for changing cancer research and care for focusing on killing cancer cells to preventing and stopping neoplasia. © 2015 Jackie Paulson

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[ Late-Blooming Entrepreneurs: Eight Principles for Starting a Business After Age 40 Strang, Lynne Beverly ( Author ) ] { Paperback } 2014
by Lynne Beverly Strang
Edition: Paperback
late blooming cover Eight principles for starting a business after the age of 40, April 9, 2015

This review is from: [ Late-Blooming Entrepreneurs: Eight Principles for Starting a Business After Age 40 Strang, Lynne Beverly ( Author ) ] { Paperback } 2014 (Paperback)

The book opens with a man in his 40’s whom walked away from a well-paying job to start his own limousine service, but mind you this was a passion he had for quite some time. It I often said that if you want to open a business to find a need and fill it, which is true even when there is competition. The stories throughout the book tell you the risks involved to be older and to start your own business, but the worth that it accomplished. The book is filled with practical, prove advice from entrepreneurs who know how to start a business and have done it. It is a great motivational and educational book for anyone wanting to get ideas or to start their own business. Find out how late blooming entrepreneurs use the eight principles for starting a business after the age of 40! © 2015 Jackie Paulson

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Roadside Survival: Low-tech Solutions to Automobile Breakdowns
by Walt Brinker
Edition: Paperback
Price: $11.99
roadside cover Roadside Survival guide for dummies, April 9, 2015

This review is from: Roadside Survival: Low-tech Solutions to Automobile Breakdowns (Paperback)

This book will provide important “Need to Know” information to avid the hassles of a vehicle break down. The cover sows a mom with three ids and her tire is flat, she is using her cell phone to call for assistance. This book will help yo9u to help others who may need it and help yourself as well as provide helpful photos and tips to narrow down a problem with your vehicle. The best information I got out of this book was the point to get regular maintained by a license mechanic at least every 5,000 miles, to check the tires ad rotation of them. It is important to have a spare tire, jack, tools, jumper cables, cell phone and know how before your car breaks down. “Fix problems before they become failures.” I am impressed with the author and would recommend this handy reference for everyone to read and keep in their car. © 2015 Jackie Paulson

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Confessions of a Self-Made Entrepreneur: How I Almost Lost Everything and What I Did to Climb Back to the Top
Confessions of a Self-Made Entrepreneur: How I Almost Lost Everything and What I Did to Climb Back to the Top
Price: $2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Confessions of a self made entrepreneur by Fabrice Beillard, April 10, 2015
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

The title says it all! If you want to learn how to lose it all and open a business to revamp your life and your finances this is a must read book. Want to take your business from $0 to Millions? Read this book. It will make you think, “If it can be done by others, I can do it too.” I was reading and thinking to myself of many business ideas to start, how to start and when. Even in a bad economy it is possible to “find a need and fill it.” Here is what the author says-

“Confessions of an Entrepreneur” is essential reading for all small business owners, whether they are struggling to get their business of the ground, or want to take their business to the next level without the painful trial and error.

The book includes 23 crucial lessons that amongst others took Fabrice’s first business from $0 to $500,000 in one year.

The author, Fabrice Beillard, is a globally acclaimed entrepreneur and Business Growth Specialist. He has derived these short powerful lessons for you from interacting with thousands of businesses all over the globe. He collectively helped businesses to the tune off (and personally sold) millions of dollars and you can now easily get the sum of years of collective learnings with this short powerful book.

He also has gained those insights by failing miserably and losing most of his life savings so you don’t have to repeat the same, but also by achieving financial freedom in 12 months with his first business, and by building multiple profitable businesses over the years so you can understand what the critical steps to reproduce those results are.

Written in a racy easy-to-read style, this book covers the commandments that are the cornerstone of all successful businesses. Essentially this book is a timeless compendium which entrepreneurs can refer to whenever they need to focus on what matters and creates results.

While sales, products, systems and team play a vital role in the success of a business, what entrepreneurs often lack is the right mindset, knowledge and focus to run a successful business. This is one of the rare books which guides entrepreneurs on the thought process, the essential principles, and the inner game of smart entrepreneurship and running a successful business. Learn them now or pay later.
© 2015 Jackie Paulson

Inspirational: Productive, Positive, and Happy - Start Getting the Most Out of Your Life in 21 Days or Less! (Inspirational, Inspiration, Motiviational)
Inspirational: Productive, Positive, and Happy – Start Getting the Most Out of Your Life in 21 Days or Less! (Inspirational, Inspiration, Motiviational)
Price: $2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Change Your Life: emotionally, mentally, physically., April 10, 2015
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

If you want to seriously change your life in 21 days or less Jacob Reimer will help guide you as to how to go about it. The cover is enticing, the writing is easy, the facts keep you reading, and if you want more out of your life than the status quo now, read this motivational book to get you where you want to be. I enjoyed how to command respect from everyone, and this is so important if you do not want to have others walk all over you. I also love that if you tell others your dreams, write them down, make a vision board, and creates the successful life that I now want. I now do not look at myself as a “Victim” but someone who will rise above the rest. I have a skin or face disorder and the best part of the book is that what others think of you is none of your business. I would have paid more than 3.00 for this book and would recommend it to anyone at any age. © 2015 Jackie Paulson


The book is broken up into three sections –

In part I of this book you will learn the Action Steps required in order to get the most out of life!

You will learn things such as…
• How to create a morning ritual, and why it’s SO important!
• Understand how to PROPERLY set goals, so that you can accomplish them every time!
• Breaking ANY bad habit in 21 days or less
• Exercising. Why it’s important, and practical steps on how to start! (if you haven’t yet)
• How to COMMAND respect from everyone, and anyone!
• Why you NEED to be taking chances in your life! And how to do so.
• Why you NEED to be telling people your dreams! Motivators vs. Inspirators!


In part II, we will dive into the vital Mental Changes NECESSARY if you want to reach the best version of yourself! Your brain is so incredibly powerful, and if it is not perfectly in tune with your body, then it will actually GREATLY hinder your success, happiness, and productivity!

You will learn things such as…
• How to master “The Mental Game”!
• Why other opinions of you, DO NOT MATTER! And how to let go of them…
• Understand that you are NOT defined by “what you do”, but rather by “who you ARE!”
• How to let go of your “victim” mentality, and why it can be so poisonous!
• How to be thankful at all times by keeping things in PERSPECTIVE!
• Don’t give up… don’t ever give up


Finally, in part III we will attack the finances. More specifically, how to become Financially Free, and how to create your own Passive Income online.

You will learn things suchs as…
• How you can find financial freedom!
• Exactly HOW I personally make my living online!
• Exactly how YOU can start making money online TODAY!


Seriously, what are you waiting for? Is your happiness, productivity, and success in life NOT worth $2.99 to you? Wow… you SERIOUSLY undervalue yourself. If it makes you feel better, if for some reason you DON’T find my book AT ALL appealing to you, then you can always return it and get all your money back at any time. All $2.99 of it!

So you really have nothing to lose. Scroll to the top and click the “Buy Now” button, and START learning how to get the most out of your life in 21 days or LESS!

© 2015 Jackie Paulson

We Could Fall
We Could Fall
Price: $4.49

5.0 out of 5 stars Romance of two men, April 10, 2015
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: We Could Fall (Kindle Edition)
WE COULD FALL begins on a September morning when 42-year old Emmy Halperin receives two unexpected pieces of news. Jack, her husband of 22 years, wants to call off their long-planned divorce. Duncan Grier, a famous actor, wants to be her therapy client.
“I’m guessing it could be more complicated seeing me than with your other clients,” is what Duncan says in his first voicemail to Emmy.
Just put yourself into Emma’s shoes is exactly what you will do. I have been there, where I wanted to divorce my man, but then again keep him. Yes, being on the fence. Then a man walks into her therapist business and immediately the attraction begins. Confused but excited, Emma pursues her interest in him, when she finds out that her husband never fell out of love with her and wants her back. Which one will she choose? I won’t spoil it but this romantic story will be a sure page turner!! © 2015 Jackie Paulson

2014 done reading

Done Reading in 2014 Some of the Goodreads books

© 2014 Jackie Paulson

18 Responses to 9 Book Reviews 2015

  1. What an eclectic mix of books you have reviewed. There is certainly something for everyone there! Me included. Thank you.


  2. litadoolan says:

    Interesting selection of books. Thank you for introducing me to new titles. Enjoying your blog!


  3. Pingback: May 7, 2015 Transition Post | ♥ Your Intuitive Coach in 2015 ♥

  4. petrel41 says:

    Congratulations, Jackie!

    I gave nominated your blog for the Real Neat Blog Award.

    More about this nomination is at


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  5. Capt Jill says:

    Sounds like a busy, busy life! What are you studying? I went back at about that age, took me a long time to graduate and not with the degree I originally went in for (got a BA in math). I’ve never been able to use that degree, but I hope someday it will help me out somehow. I still read all the time anyway, little less now since I’ve been so busy with other projects. I admire your ability to still keep up that pace. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Jude says:

    I don’t ride a Harley Jackie but I do have a bike – a BMW F800st – known as ‘Gandalf the Grey! For me there’s nothing like being on a bike. Took my test at fifty-one and never looked back.

    I’ve written two books since we dashed off over here to France ten years ago. Love writing but hate the drudge of trying to sell myself, so like many I self-published on Amazon. My books are listed on my Blogroll: A Red Waterproof Jacket, and The Elf Girl’s Dream.

    Many thanks for the follow! 🙂 And remember … Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly!

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  7. Kev says:

    Happy 4th Jackie! 🙂 x

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  8. Kev says:

    I put, I wish… I’d let you take me for a ride, Jackie. 😉

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  9. Anastasia says:

    Hello Jackie,
    I am very happy to discover your blog! Sorry that your previous one was hacked. I liked the fact that you “read167 pages on a daily basis” that’s really encouraging, I think I will try that! 🙂 Will look forward to your book reviews

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anastasia, I had to experiment that is for sure. I also had to get bifocals to find out exactly. Finding and timing your reading is a wonderful thing to discover. This year after I graduate college I will do it again. Thanks for coming over my blog.

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