2016 Peace Challenge Link-up

I encourage you to write a letter for peace and send it out into the Universe.

For this month’s peace challenge (April 1st 2016), I encourage you to write a letter for peace and send it out into the Universe. You may not get an answer, but you will make a difference. Here are some suggestions.
•Write a letter to a person in power, past or present. Let them know what you feel about the state of the world under their control.
•Write a letter to God, the Universe, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, or any other spiritual leader. One of my favorite books is Conversations with God, which consists of a series of letters to and from God. Feel free to have your spiritual leader answer your letter.
•Write an epistolary story that explores peace.
•Write a letter you would like to receive from peace.
•Post a photo, video, story, or piece of art that explores the intersection of writing and peace.
•Rant, scream, cry, for peace.
•Since this challenge is about letters and photos and peace, anything you do will meet the challenge.

https://youtu.be/NHL5ZN_Vn8w?list=PLjzYk_Avw8sDnO7gq_gqFkN1274R-nbeD is “An Officer and a Gentleman – Trailer” ♥ Peace ♥

Thank you for reading, sharing, and your link-up for this challenge 2016.

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