Help For Marriage Restoration: Marriage Advice, Marriage Help, Marriage Counseling (Kindle Edition) by Timothy Gray

Book Review: Help For Marriage Restoration: Marriage Advice, Marriage Help, Marriage Counseling (Kindle Edition) by Timothy Gray
Have you ever wondered how couples can stay married for over 50 years? Do you want to know how to change your marriage to avoid divorce? Timothy Grey will share with you the importance of your marriage because it is a lifetime commitment; and understand what the purpose of marriage is and why it is so important. For example, marriage is for companionship, a special union, provide children and or bring order to a family. But the truth is that marriage involves more like having a commitment to each other, communication, partners needs and the management of arguments. This book will give you the reason to seek help or reasons not to with advice, help, and when to seek help from a professional. Each person needs to show appreciation, care for, be affectionate, show interest, empathy and concern, show respect, be honest, faithful, have good morals and know how to forgive and forget. You will learn all the solutions to fix so many of today’s  problems that I agree will help save a marriage. It will also educate you so that if one person needs to recognize the reality of facts that support getting a divorce. I really enjoyed reading this book. I am 49 and still love my old fashion books in my hands, but this kindle book is one that I will keep. For example, anger comes from negative energy, and that is why it is an indicator of a marital problem. Anger can be smashing things, walk away, and hitting a person is just abusive. The results of anger is that you will find less and less time for one another, feel hopeless and defeated. I find this to be true, because when I was married to my ex he was always drinking alcohol and I just stayed away. Needless to say, I got out of the marriage! When I went to AA to get help, I went to get him to stop drinking what I learned is that I had to stop drinking and take care of my life, and it has since saved my life and I am a proud non-drinker, raised a girl as a single mom and put myself through college. I am a stronger person because of the lessons I have learned in life. So, this is a lifesaving, educational book for any emotional, physical, etc person who might need to save their own life!
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 WordPress Photo Challenge Landscape

For this month’s peace challenge (April 1st 2016), I encourage you to write a letter for peace and send it out into the Universe. facebk

I wish to thank all of you for stopping here to enjoy what I write.  I have been through more than I can handle in life, and now I am asking ALL the Arc Angels, God, the Universe to Pray for me.  I am so grateful for all of you, thank you for that.  Just being here.  Pray for world peace in 2016.  Pray for positive changes for all of us.  Bless each and every person who stops here, or links up to my challenge of peace.  Either way, I accept you as you are.

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