Myers-Briggs y la satisfacción el el trabajo #infografia #infographic

Great blog and info grap.

TICs y Formación


Una infografía sobre Myers-Briggs y la satisfacción el el trabajo.

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3 Responses to Myers-Briggs y la satisfacción el el trabajo #infografia #infographic

  1. Prior-01 says:

    this is such a fun chart – and I like this personality assessment – thx for sharing!


  2. thank you for your comment and link 🙂 my new blog is


  3. hirundine608 says:

    Ever since earning about MBPI, I’ve been a fan. What’s even better? Is to look up the demographics, of personalities. The distribution of types might be surprising?

    BTW My type is INFJ and few actually share that type. Yet among them is Carl Jung. Who along with Myers and Briggs her mother, developed the system. Cheers Jamie. Holding the Ball


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