After years of blogging on wordpress I made great friends, but in 2016 I am giving up wordpress.  The main reason is that I complained to WordPress that they do not list my blog in the main page after I post anythig.  It’s like they blocked me.  I am working and changing for the better and Hope to create a happier life.  I am so done with all the B.S.  Period.  I will miss so many of you, here is my email if you wish to contact me personally.

Jackie @bookreviews19@gmail.com

About Jackie Paulson

I help authors by doing book reviews, I am an Intuitive Guidance Counselor Experienced Security Officer, Paralegal, Bachelor Degree Tech Mgmt, Master in HR Generalist, Barber/Hair Stylist 20+ years, Internet guru, Research, Blogger, Mom, Great Clips Hair Expert. Jackie Paulson © 2014-2016
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8 Responses to I QUIT

  1. Sweetie I am so sorry to see you go!! I am confident that you are following your path to success and happiness. You are a very special and wonderful person. I copied your email address and I have cherished our WordPress friendship since the beginning, you have been a valuable part of my blogging experience. I love you Jackie 😀


  2. prior2001 says:

    I am dos sorry to hear this – I did not follow u for too long, but do want to encourage u to reconsider – well leaving could lead to other creative outlets and always does – so I know u have a win-win outcome here – but maybe u can rethink “why” you blog – if it is to grow a huge following and have steroid blog (not sure what that is a just thinking out loud) well then it is time to find the best venue for that – and while I am not sure what the main page even is – I do know there’s glitches and kinks that also go with the BS that sometimes arises – and some of these hurdles should not interfere with the intrinsic value u get from blogging – again – it all comes down to why one blogs and what they are expecting from their posts and readers – and as creative humans I know this is layered and not always easy to see what we have going on – but sharing your book reviews and love for books is a special thing and so I just encourage u to rethink the whole endeavor at wp because it will help you with future endeavors! And seriously – book lovers like yourself do not always get a lot of love – not enough bling or controversy (ha) – but if u post because u love it deep down and it is something u enjoy – it should not matter so much being on the main page – not to minimize the horrible feeling of having to deal with any BS – cos I know that can drain – but sometimes bloggers are missing out on the joy in the simplicity of blogging because we want power blogs or do not know what we want – and so understanding our aims and needs helps – ❤️


  3. hirundine608 says:

    What a shame … but all is good. Maybe you’ll miss writing and re-emerge? Cheers Jamie.

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  4. Thanks for stopping by as of Jan 1 2016 I am off wordpress. Those that know me will email me to keep up with me. Much blessings to all of you. ♥


  5. Good Luck Jackie!




  6. mopana says:

    I understand you. We will miss you, too


  7. Holly Jedrysek says:

    Hi Jackie,

    I will miss seeing your blogs on books & other reviews on here. It’s ashame that they do not list your Blogs on the Main page. They should publish any book reviews on their Main page. Wishing you all the best in the New Year of 2016!! Happy Holidays!! Peace… Hope yo see you on Facebook. Have you heard from Gina during the Holidays? I have yo call her soon. Take care. Love, Holly 🙂


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