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In response to The Daily Post‘s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”


Happy Place-This week, we want you to show us where you go to get your groove back.


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Where do you go when you need to think? I am always “thinking” inside my head.  It’s easy as a master in multi-tasking as a women.  I am learning to Live in the “moment” and Live in the Now by reading books by Eckhard Tolle and Rhonda Byrne.  Staying positive.  I comparartamentalize my roles in my life.  For example when I do go to work I take off my “pretend hat” of being at home.  When I am at work I put on my “work hat.”  This keeps me focused on only that which is in front of me and keep my thinking only where it “counts.”

What do you do when you need to restore yourself, to ready yourself to take on the coming week with energy and verve?  I live each day for “that day only.”  I like to live one day at a time, as many whom have gone through the A.A. Program.  We cannot change our future, nor the past, but for TODAY we can do something, anything, and that is all that we need to do…that one thing, even if you are depressed and cannot get out of bed, the solution is to just get out of bed and do anything, create with crafts, read a positive book, organize, etc.

How do you get your sense of humor back? I am a very serious minded person, very analytical and having a sense of humor only comes to me when “wit” it needed on the spring of a moment, but I do not live to have a sense of laughter but to brighten others by a saying, quote, photo or telling a story.  For example, put yourself in others shoes, maybe the person who is rude to you, lost a loved one, a pet, job, etc.  Maybe that mad driver just had to get to the hospital to watch their baby being born.  Maybe a parent needs to get to the hospital because of a car accident that their kinship was involved in.  If you really think it is bad today, you are NOT living to the fullest.  Nothing is bad.  Just putting two feet on the ground is a Miracle that will get you through each moment of each day as each step comes and goes.  Usually the bad always turns out to be a “blessing in disguise” and even in hard times we all learn a lesson that we needed to learn.

How do you recharge your groove? My home is my sanctuary.  I Love to be at home, to read, to clean to organize, to be alone, having no noise, quiet and stillness, just knowing that I can be thankful for a job, a place to live, shelter, a car, and so many things that many do not have.  My motto: reading brings life to you not away from you!

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6 Responses to WPC: My Happy Place is Home

  1. Love your way of thinking. I do try to live in the moment but sometimes those moments aren’t necessarily good moments. That’s when I try to find ways to work through what I am feeling. Having Bipolar can take the control away at times, no matter how much you want it back. It’s like riding a high wave one moment then without warning trying to find a way to climb out of a deep abyss. These are being in the moment. That is the way it is. I live to even it out and do meditation, breathing, watching a great film, painting, writing, laughing at something I find as funny. Creating. Creating. Creating. Using any means to ride it through. It is part of my living in the moment. I can handle it most of the time and with help. I love my home, my family, my partner, my animals of cats & a parrot, chinchillas, mice and a degue. We like animals here. Blogging is great. My partner and I both do our own blog but recently we started a joint blog for writing and expressing what is bothering us in the world. A place to RANT. Politics. Injustice. Inequality. Animal Rights. War. Peace. You put a name on it and eventually it will appear in a Rant. It is extremely satisfying for the insides and hopefully will resonate into the world picture in time. So living in the moment takes us to many places in our mind, heart and soul and life is made better by this. jk 😀


    • Thanks for sharing this as it will help me. My sister is Bipolar, and I have had to deal with a coworker as well for 7 years. You give me hope to maybe express how I realllly feel in my blog as well…I hope you visit more often. Jackie

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      • I will try to visit more often. Bipolar is so unpredictable but if acknowledged, one can learn how to communicate when someone is Bipolar and having a Bipolar moment. I am learning how to express what I am feeling and so is my partner. I find it difficult to know when I am being manic. Depressed is easy. It’s hard to miss. But manic doesn’t necessarily feel like it is happening unless someone tells you. Even then I don’t always believe it. But I am trying and learning to accept gracefully when I am told I am speaking too loud or I am getting out of control. Communicating really makes a difference and I am only learning how to do this outside and inside of therapy. I don’t and won’t use psyche meds. That is for me not something I recommend for everyone. I use alternative meds. Medical Marijuana is good for me for medical issues but not legally used for Bipolar. But certain pot hybrids do help while using them for health they help with moods and depression to a degree. They relax me when I am manic as long as I realize I am manic. Mania is tricky.

        I do think it is a great idea to write about Bipolar on your blog. I devote a page to it, so I can update and it is there for me and others to learn different things they may be looking for to understand Bipolar better. One post may get lost but can be found through search engines & on blog searches.

        If your co-worker is willing to talk to you about their bipolar that will help you both. I don’t feel the stigma as some people do about being Bipolar or any of the other issues I work on in therapy. It’s life and sometimes we need help and understanding to get through it. Expressing one’s self is important. Nice to write to you Jackie. We will have more to say again.

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  2. dilipnaidu says:

    Lovely post Tolle and Rhonda are my top favourites too. Their books and quotes are compass for living a beautiful life.

    Bye and take care. Some flowers for you 💐


  3. Thank you for stopping by Lulu, I appreicate the happy place of home as you and I have in common.


  4. lulu says:

    I like all that you address here. Living in the moment, home as a happy place is as it should be.


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