PHOTO CHALLENGE Monochromatic in ART

PHOTO CHALLENGE Monochromatic in ART

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I had no idea what Monochromatic meant did you?  I found out that it is of  or having one color, or having tones of one color in addition to the groundhue like in pottery.

I wanted to share some art pieces off of google images as I am very busy once again, doing book reviews, and working cutting hair.  With so many obligations these

Days I wonder how we all get online to post our weekly photo challenge photos.  I see so many great photos and know that it is not much of a niche for me but I do

Believe many here on WordPress are extremely good at it.  I love to see nature and to travel with all of you as you post live photo feeds from your cameras.  Ok, the

Cell phones camera.  I am learning my newest cell phone so give me some time to learn and be able to post live feeds photo’s;

Andy and Barney

Andy and Barney

I have two 7 week old kittens and they are a bundle

Of energy and take much of my free time. Thank you to all of my fellow bloggers to hit LIKE and send a beautiful message along the lines below. sign it me

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  2. Great examples of monochromatic photos Jackie!

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