Weekly Photo Challenge Beneath Your Feet KITTENS

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Beneath Your Feet.” My new KITTENS:

Such a late post!  I just got internet today.  I don’t always have it.  Any how, here is my new additon to my family: ANDY & Barney Running beneath my feet!  We say it’s romper room around our house because they are so spunky.  They were rescued in OHIO and our Cousins brought us TWO.  They are furrow cats, so I have to do some training.  Never a dull moment.  They love to pull  down curtains, chew on everything…gotta squirt them with water when they chew cords of any sort.  OH MY!

]WILEY THE BIG CATWILEY IS OUR BIGGGGG CAT.  He is adjusting very well.  Awe… THEY ARE SO CUTE.  PLEASE HIT LIKE!!! COMMENTS MORE THAN WELCOME…I love Laurie N she has Jack and LULU and her blog is most awesome…

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

9:51 PM


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Each Friday, we ask you to look through your lens in a different way. In the past, we’ve challenged you to get close.Gaze up. Peek out the window. Today, look down and document the world beneath your feet.




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4 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge Beneath Your Feet KITTENS

  1. they’re cute hope you don’t step on them

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  2. jakesprinter says:

    Very adorable post jackie ..ha ha ! Back to wordpress ..


  3. teny says:

    I love these kittens. We have one at home and she has grown a lot 🙂

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