The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind by Valeh Nazemoff Book Review

The four intelligences of the business mind

If you want to be a success in your business this book gives you the tools you need to discover patterns in the outside world. These patterns will lead you to opportunities for your business that you could not find otherwise.  Nazemoff holds classes and asks her students to ask themselves “what is your deepest innermost value?  Ask this for ten days, the results:  90% report less stress at work, more productivity, and more joy.” I learned by reading her book that the game changing ideas come from noticing and meeting the unmet needs of your customers.  “WOW” your customers.  There are four essential transformational intelligences for business which include: financial, customer, data and mastermind.  My favorite part of the book is on page 9, it has a chart that gives you the characteristics of the Business Mind.  I made a copy and eliminated it.  I highly recommend this book as it is one that you will learn from and want to keep for reference but also to change your way of thinking to improve your business in unexpected ways for success. I have received a free copy in order to provide an honest review.   © 2015 Jackie Paulson All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Your Brain, Mind, and Business Transformation

Chapter 2. Financial Intelligence: Reinvest in Your Business

Chapter 3. Customer Intelligence: Redefine Your Business

Chapter 4. Data Intelligence: Reinvent and Recreate Your Business

Chapter 5. Mastermind Intelligence: Rewire Your Business

Chapter 6. Pattern Recognition: Sharpen Your Entire Business Mind

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