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English: A small United States Postal Service truck seen in Guam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The first thing that I thought of was the envelope we all use to use to write “snail mail letters” with!  I use to be a huge writer to family and relatives across the USA.  I even kept letters from family and friends.  Come to think of it I have tons of Christmas cards I kept for memories down the road.  Technology has come such a long way!  Now we do email. Then to add the cell phones, smart phones, ipods, ipads, ebook, nooks, and out went the old fashion ways of writing letters!

Do you miss writing letters to all of your family and friends the old fashion way?  I DO!!


What does enveloped mean to you?

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7 Responses to WordPress Photo Challenge Envelope

  1. mariannegv says:

    Hello! I still write letters. I just send one letter the past week to a friend who lives in Canada. I don’t know when he’s going to receive it, but we like to write each other. For me it’s very exciting to receive letters written by hand at my door. You could do it if you want it.


  2. I miss letter writing too. These is nothing like receiving a hand written letter in the mail. Or a Birthday card … Who gets those these days? I get far more Birthday Wishes on Facebook than I ever got in the mail, that’s a good thing. The letters I still insist on sending via snail mail are thank you notes. Mailing a letter couldn’t be easier, self adhesive ‘Forever’ stamps and a walk to the mailbox, raise the flag and you’re done!


  3. Actally I do miss the thrill of an envelope containing something other than a bill. The ones with no address on the back were fun as you tried to guess the handwriting. But, speed of contact via email has also thrills of its own 🙂


  4. hirundine608 says:

    No, I do not miss regular mail. The writing part was okay. What I disliked was lining up to get a stamp, etc. That’s why I find email to be preferable. I’m usually fairly prompt answering any mail that comes in. That whole thing of finding a stamp and taking it to a mailbox, often led to a putting off of mailing a reply. Cheers Jamie.


  5. I used to belong round robins where would exchange letters and photos and some where send samples of crafts aouund the internet put an end to that method.

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