May 7, 2015 Transition Post

Hello on this 7th day of May!  I really want to tell everyone who stops here what I have been up to lately.  Well, first off I spent many years working in the security industry and going to college.  On Oct 31, 2014 I finally did it, I graduated!  I have my Technical Management Bachelor’s degree, B U T, do you even know what that means?  Me either!  So as I pay back the loan for years, I have no job nor any inkling of what to do N O W.  So, I took some time off, my boyfriend of 10 years has been beyond supportive through all of this. 

My goal was to get a better job and a better paying job.

So, finally I made the decision to “CUT HAIR” for a place I wish not to disclose. Mind you I have been there and done that for 20 years of my life already, even owned a shop!   Truthfully at my age, 48, I do not want to be doing this type of work.  Mind you I am very intelligent, not to toot my own horn but it is TRUE! 

What should I be doing?

I am debating to post things about my hair cutting job.  I fear it to be all negative.  Anyway, the girls that work with me are all very young.  I have to listen to younger generation as my BOSS for the Manager.  Not that I MIND, but with my experience and skills, the job is so below me.  I even fear others to read my blog that may know me…fear….why do I care at my age!  I should be able to say how I feel.  I am going through a lot just like Scott Berkun and if you don’t know him you should as he has several books out and is going through a transition as I am.  Scott Berkun is the bestselling author of six books on many fascinating subjects. Please hire him to speakask him a question or follow him on emailTwitter and Facebook.

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2 Responses to May 7, 2015 Transition Post

  1. hirundine608 says:

    October 31st 2015? Maybe a typo? FYI My barber is a woman, Canadian, yet trained in Germany. I’ve been visiting her for haircuts. Now for about 12 years. I enjoy talking with her. I suspect that is a big part of that occupation? Knowing hoe to talk to customers? If you’re good at it it will bring back the customers. I would enjoy reading about your experience. Cheers Jamie.

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  2. Sweetie this is your blog, your space and never worry about what to write, spam is here for a reason, negative comments aren’t factual, they are only opinions. You are of value and do not forget it! Keep in mind that Julia Child was 50 when she started her experiment in writing what she loved and look where that got her! Hugs ooo

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