Weekly Photo Challenge Something Fresh

Weekly Photo Challenge Something Fresh

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge Fresh Water

If your tendency is to try and change other people,

take some time to explore why you feel the need to do so.

Do you find that we may find ourselves frustrated by those who view the world from an alternate vantage point and make use of unusual strategies when coping with life’s challenges?  It is often a mistake to try to want to change another person in any way, shape or form. The more we try the more they will resist.  Why can’t others just accept others as we already are!  We are who we are at any one point in our lives for a reason, and no one person can say for certain what another should be like.

The potential we see in the people who are a part of our lives will never be precisely the same as our own, so we do these individuals a disservice when we make assumptions about their intentions, preferences, and goals. Our power lies in our ability to accept others for all their quirks and differences and to let go of the need to control every element of our existence. We can love people for who they are, embracing their uniqueness, or we can love them as human beings from afar.

Your ability to influence people may grow more sophisticated because others sense that you respect their right to be themselves, but you will likely spend more time gazing inward, into the one person you can change: yourself in a fresh new way.light9


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12 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge Something Fresh

  1. I’ve worked hard on changing myself to be better at each turn of my life, but it can be hard to watch someone you love go the opposite direction toward destruction. I didn’t do the fresh photo challenge this weekend, but seeing your water pic immediately brings a great pic of super-blue Mediterranean water that I could have used.


  2. Very true, have been in that unfortunate position myself. Think I have learnt my lesson….MM 🍀


  3. jakesprinter says:

    Glad I’m finally here Jackie just to say what a great contribution for this week theme my friend and coach… 🙂

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  4. Jay says:

    I tell my clients all the time that we cannot change others, we can only change how we ourselves react to them. In practice, I find it much harder to follow the advice than to dole it out.


    • Jay how true, if others would just get the concept life would be easier on all of us. Here in Illinois, we have control freaks, men and women- especially in careers, i was forced out of a recent job because I had more education that an Army Account manager…true story.


  5. Big Book AA says we are to be attentive about keeping our side of the street clean. One way to change others is to keep our mouths shut and live by example. If our results is worthy others may embrace the style.


  6. nuvofelt says:

    Thank you, pingback much appreciated.


  7. andy1076 says:

    I love the reflection of the water from a pool, the way it paints the walls, so mesmerizing..!


  8. Jackie I couldn’t agree more with everything that you said. Brilliant post sweetie 😀


  9. I hope to write a blog for this today.


  10. Thanks so much for the pingback. It’s true we can love and appreciate others from a fresh vantage point – wise words. Have a Happy Weekend

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