WordPress Photo Challenge Walls of emotion

In light of this weeks   and with a new focus to my blog being Intuitive Guidance Counselor I will use the word Wall to communicate my message to all who enter here.  walls 1

Today I want you to read this and think about what walls you put up.

Lessons I have learned include letting people just be who they are and accepting them as they are already in whatever state of Be-ing they are currently in.  Truth be told, no one can control others no matter how hard they try, no form of manipulation will change anyone other than create resentment.  Many walls that you put up involve something that happened when you were younger and no longer serve you today. Walls are ways you protect.  Be-vulnerable


Ponder and comment below:

Are you an (emotional) wall builder?

How do you keep the walls down in the relationships that you do let in?


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7 Responses to WordPress Photo Challenge Walls of emotion

  1. blkkat49 says:

    I like this and it is good advice. I am a wall builder and probably will be for life. When I let people in, I just build a wall with an opening, small enough to squeeze through, large enough to push them out if needed.


  2. jakesprinter says:

    Wow i love this post Jackie ..how are you?


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  5. pattyalcala says:

    I was an emotional wall builder. I was protecting myself from anyone and everything. I felt like when I let the wall down just a smidgen, I would get hurt. But now I have no use for those walls. They only kept me from living my life!


    • patty, I am 48 years young and I let my ego control me and my life which includes emotions. I learned that the ego is no way to live my life. I finally learned to let go and let God. I use to follow others and want friend and such but now I yet have to find a friend who does not use me. I don’t have friends, only those that live online. I know I am not being used online, and finding a friend in person is hard where I am at. I have a face condition that keeps me home, and even as I say I don’t care I DO. After 7 years I won’t give up and pray one day for healing from a doctor. Thanks Patty!

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