Why would you want to become a Security Guard?

Why would you want to become a Security Guard? Security work is a field that will never go away.  With all the potential threats in today’s society more and more businesses are in need of help protecting their property, assets and people.  If you’re interested in safety and security, this could be the perfect job for you.

If you want to become a police officer than the security guard positon may be an option for you.  It’s a great stepping stone job to get to where you want to go in your career.  It is also a great retirement job for those that wish to still be in the field.  The training before becoming a security guard officially is not hard to do and if you look up the requirements in your State then you are off to getting to know the Industry and if it is right for you!  This will help introduce you to what becoming a security guard is all about, your responsibilities, and how to handle different situations.

Almost every form of business utilizes some form of security including but not limited to: local businesses, casinos, hospitals, banks, bars, airports, stores, retirement homes, private security firms and even nuclear power plants often hire security guards to help protect their property and deter illegal activities.  The duties of a security guard can vary drastically depending on the employer and assignments.  A security guard may be stationed watching monitors for suspicious activity, patrolling a location, providing security for events, or protecting people.  Because of this, the security guard must be familiar with state and local laws as well as their employer’s policy and procedures.

Most likely you will work for a Security Agency that is hired out for a company and once your fill out the application and interview, your potential employer will also run background check on you to make certain you don’t have a criminal record, or have been involved with drugs or other illegal substances.  From my experience, if you pass this test, you will be hired to work right away and not many agency’s do random checks unless “there is reason or suspicion” to do so by the employer.

Are you thinking about becoming a security guard? What do you see as the greatest reward the occupation has to offer?

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  1. I think the appeal for a lot of people are manageable work hours and the ability to walk around as they work, rather than be chained to a desk

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