A to Z What a Friend is

serinitu23A friend…

Accepts you as you are

Believes in YOU

Calls you  just to say HI

Doesn’t give up on you

Envisions the best of you

Forgives your mistakes

Gives unconditionally

Helps you

Invites you for a cup of tea

Joyfully shares in your dreams

Keeps you close at heart

Loves you just the way you are

Makes no judgement

Never see the bad

Offers support

Picks you up when you need it most

Quickly cheers you up

Raises your spirits

Says nice things about you

Tells you the truth

Understands you

Values you

Walks besides you

X plains tings you do not understand

Yells quietly when you will not hear

Zaps you back to reality

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About Jackie Paulson

I help authors by doing book reviews, I am an Intuitive Guidance Counselor Experienced Security Officer, Paralegal, Bachelor Degree Tech Mgmt, Master in HR Generalist, Barber/Hair Stylist 20+ years, Internet guru, Research, Blogger, Mom, Great Clips Hair Expert. Jackie Paulson © 2014-2021
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4 Responses to A to Z What a Friend is

  1. I am poetically challenged, but A-Z/acrostic poetry is prompting me to at least give it a try.


  2. Murray says:

    That narrows it down a lot!!! But great; my problem is; i am loosing my best friends; they are drying on me; the problem of longevity!!! LOL Murray


  3. Ruchi says:

    Nice and sweet poem!


  4. You make me think of all of those things Jackie 😀 xox

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