My talk with a homeless man I met

hoelessHello to all who read my blog.  I have talked in two other posts about a homeless man I have met.  I have not given him a name.  He is a veteran and waiting for “housing” to open up.  Either way regardless, the other day I let him sleep on the floor in the back room where I could see his feet.  He slept for hours.  I worked and kept quiet so he could sleep, he was out of the below zero temps here in the Chicago IL area.

Our talks are very interesting.  For example, he took a empty gas can off the shelf, and a lighter and said would you sell me this?  I said of course I would. Yes, he has a tiny bit of money coming in, but despite that when I thought he was serious, he said but-YOU CANNOT SELL ME A LOTTO TICKET OR BEER after 11 pm right?  I said yes.  He said which is more dangerous?  I said GOOD POINT, seems as I work as a gas station.

We also talked about the bible.  He had valid points but was a bit off.  I just don’t agree with him or try to prove my point, just said let me ponder that.  He mentioned that everyone he meets on the bus has to DEFEND their opinion and you don’t.  You are very honest.

I will talk more later but wanted to share this story today.


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  1. johndwm says:

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  3. Connie T says:

    I used to work with this nice older woman. When she was younger she lived in Tx and owned a ranch. One day she gave this old indian a ride in her car because she felt sorry for him walking. She had to have her entire car really cleaned because he had lice and it was all over her car seat. Think of that when you let a stranger into your house. It was nice what you did but do you know his past? He could be a killer or crazy.


  4. sonniq says:

    Interesting. There is something we can learn from everyone. So many feel that it is the person’s status that gives him the validity of his points. i,too, have always been one who wants to talk to people and find out who they are, what their life means to them or what lessons they have learned. But in spite of all this, giving this man a place to be warm on a night he could have literally died freezing or at the very least would have been seriously uncomfortable was a good thing. You get back what you dish out – or some may rather say, what goes around comes around. None the less it does – and you made a good cause that night. Who knows when you might need it yourself. I’ve written a couple posts that have to do with this very thing on blog.

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  5. David Long says:

    Now you got me reeled in lol. Do update again soon!

    Your pal,
    David Long


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