Winter snow in Chicago IL Feb 1 2015

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Welcome to Chicago IL on Feb 1, 2015


feb 1 2015 _feb 1 2015

Who would guess that 6-10 inches of snow would fall today?  Not me!  I am glad I don’t have to work at the BP gas station today or tomorrow during the “blizzard Like Conditions.”  First off yesterday I was talking on my blog that I met a homeless man and for his sake I will keep his name private.  Either way he is a veteran the age of 31, on disability waiting for housing near where I work.  When I worked on Friday PM shift 10-6 am he had on flip flops, and I thought of Jesus walking in the desert walking in flip flops. So, I gave him a ride to a location not to be disclosed at this time and I felt bad knowing that he would only have no home and no shoes.  My pay period is next week and I was not able to buy him anything.  I did offer or him to stay sitting in my store for a couple of hours, mind you it was not snowing yet.  As I wake up to this horrible snow, I can’t help but to think where is this homeless man staying tonight.  I have a huge heart and compassion for him and  others whom may be in the situation with no place to go.  Is he a stranger?  I guess so, but in order to show my Christ like attitude I did offer him what I could which was a ride to a location.  I see is eyes and feel that he is the light of Christ.  I do not know him well, but asked him to come back next week, and we will go over our bible.  Imagine that!  He will keep his promise I know this.  IN a way I wish he was an “under cover boss” like the television show but know that is not the case.  I also wish for him to be a true angel or even Christ himself.  Thus I will treat him as such.  Corporate America makes all this money and then when a homeless man comes into our store I wish there was a way to offer him a job, or pay him, or give him food, or ?????_______________fill in the blank.  Although my bosses would un approve.  Sad but true.  What would you do if you were me?  Please comment below~~~~ sign it me


Flip-flops. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. I have to say I am entertaining angels. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Simple Woman Here says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing. Sometimes we don’t know it but when we reach out to others we are entertaining angels. God bless you!

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