My Cat Snowed In Chicago

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4 Responses to My Cat Snowed In Chicago

  1. Kev says:

    Poor kitty.


  2. What a sweet ginger kitty. I have two of them myself. Oh, it looks so very cold there! 🙂


  3. hirundine608 says:

    Hi Jackie,
    There was a cat living with me for 17 years or so? He died last August. Too worn out, to continue. Coming from the SPCA. It was hard to know how old he was? Yet, from the other cats that have lived out their years with me. I would guess he was around 21 or 22 when he died. His face was peaceful, but I had to unfree his front claws on one leg, for they were dug into my rug by the backdoor. Sir Augustus Hardy Esq. was the biggest cat I’ve ever owned. He weighed at one time, a little over thirty pounds. Yet he was the sweetest disposition, unless another cat came by, then he was all business.

    I called him Phutz, affectionately. Last winter it was obvious that he was nearing the end. He lived resolutely on my front veranda. We had snow up the wazzoo, last winter. I would keep a path clear to the small Japanese maple variety. Where it was free of snow underneath the branches. He would come in the house to warm up and eat.

    I kept a litter box in the house which he used, from time to time. Yet, I had to be careful. For his ass-end would stick out and the step I had made for him [to get in and out] . Would get the business. For me it was a long winter.

    I think he liked the weather when it was around freezing? It likely helped the arthritis? Living in interior British Columbia, we get substantially more cold and snowy weather. Than lower mainland and Vancouver. We do not get much wind unlike, I’m told, Chicago does. Phutz had a bed on veranda and in the house, yet he seemed to prefer a piece of carpet, where he would dig in those claws.

    It was relief, the day after he died. For I no longer had to fuss over him and ensure he was safe, etc. The coyotes come down into town and many have lost pet cats to them.

    So seeing your ginger tom, left me with a few tears on the keyboard.

    I shall not have any more pets. For it is hard to see them grow old and die. Nor will I have a situation that is convenient. For, I’m selling the house and moving. To be closer to my son and his family on Vancouver Island. Both Phutz and my dog Bandit. Were the absolute best friends, to me and each other. I miss them!

    Cheers Jamie.

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  4. andy1076 says:

    oh wow look at that! here in Vancouver we haven’t gotten even a sprinkle in the city :O


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