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It is so hard to write today as I am distracted.  I have to say that I love when others Hit LIKE, but I also love comments too!  I have discovered that I think “Michelle” the one that does this challenge has blocked my posts from the main page, thus the followers I have are those that want to follow me In My Opinion.

Check out the post below about LIKE…

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·         From Rachelle on About Jackie #

  • Hi Jackie, I do have a sweet spot for good books as well, our local bookstore loves me ;0) I’ve heard … this was a comment made to one of my posts, and I want to add that I will always love hard covered books.  I never thought I’d love electronic eBooks, but since I have my Kindle Fire I do read a lot on it. 

·         From emmalmoore on Weekly Photo Challenge WARMTH #

  • Congrats Jackie for finishing college. That’s an accomplishment in and of itself. You seem to be a go-getter and I’m … I am a go go-getter and hope to be recognized one day for how smart I am. 

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·         From Robin on About Jackie #

  • I’ve heard of others who have had their blog hacked and then had to start over. So sorry that happened. …

·         From badfish2 on Ping-backs: A Very Quick Tutorial On How to Create One #

  • THANKS much for this. But can someone tell me “how” (the steps, and code) to write a pingback? Do I …


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