Blogging 101: Meet Your Neighbors

bloggingg101 badgeThe first "neighbor I visited is"
Meet Nicole, 41,married to Jack, Angel their daughter, a stay at home mom, one dog, two kittens and a niece also lives with them.
I have never driven a car or gone for my licence. 

As I am now writing I find that I cannot add new posts to a drop
down menu. it the theme I chose?  Does anyone know?

The  2nd blog I went to is
Meet Laura, A writer:
The blog title comes from a friend who often wonders, “Wtf are you on about now?” It is fitting.

The 3rd neighbor is: Rosie a writer who has a great sign up form on her sidebar that I wish to learn to add to my sidebar....

So with three new neighbors I hope to develop three new friends!

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  1. somemaid says:

    The sidebar was actually fairly easy to sort out. I use Mail Chimp for managing my list and they have a wordpress plugin that allows me to place the sign up form in the side bar. I think there were options for putting it somewhere else too but I like the side.
    Hope this helps. 🙂

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