The 7 Keys to Change by William Matthies Book Review

The 7 Keys to Change by William Matthies

The 7 Keys to Change by William Matthies

The 7 Keys to Change by William Matthies

Introduce the book. The 7 Keys to change gives important tools for everyone facing a transition, from individuals to large organizations. It will give you a new approach to managing change to live better and work smarter.

Tell about the book? This book was written for anyone who wants to see more positive results from personal and professional changes in life.  William Matthies goal is to help you see what is preventing you and your organization from achieving its objectives.   He will help you learn what you must do to better address the personal challenges that affect all our lives.  Part 1 of this book sets the stage for:

1.       Statistical look at how we all view change

2.       Discussion of the nature of change

3.       Results of efforts to create positive business and personal change

4.       The reason learning how to better manage change is the most important thing any of us can do

Part II of this book sets the stage for:

1.       The 7 keys you can follow to create more positive change results in your professional and personal life

Tell about your favorite part of the book?  

The five major aspects of business planning are:

2.       Vision is where you are at now to where you want to go.

3.       Goals is where what we want to achieve.

4.       Strategy is the description of how we will attempt to achieve our goals.

5.       Tactics is the tools we will use t in keeping with our strategy that will giving our end results in achieving our goals.

6.       Review is the constant review of the plan execution, including changes to tactics and even possibly strategy if the plan is not working to be able to fix it.

The five obstacles to business change are:

1.       Management does not understand the planning or change management or process it must follow to achieve results.

2.       Management sets the wrong goals, often confusing goals with tactics.

3.       Employees, who will be expected to do most of what is require, do not understand the planning or change management process.

4.       Unresolved employee personal problems make it difficult for workers to effective, in not only their job but to also doing their part in the company change initiatives.

5.       A combination of one or more of the above.


Give a recommendation (e.g., If you like…, you will love this book or I recommend this book to anyone who likes…). Mangers should read this book to discover how to help themselves and their employees better manage change, doing so is good business.

About the author

William Matthies

William Matthies

Bill Matthies is the author of a book on managing change, a regular contributor to the consumer electronics trade publication TWICE, and a business planning consultant.  His company, Coyote Insight, helps corporate teams and individuals break through obstacles to change, innovation, and growth.

In 1986, Bill founded what was to become the largest independent market research/database marketing company in the consumer electronics and high tech fields. By the time he sold it in 1997, The Verity Group employed 400+ people at its California and Costa Rica offices.

Before that, Bill cofounded Barcus Berry Electronics, Inc., a venture capital-backed start-up that created a proprietary audio technology. From 1977 to 1983, he was promoted through the ranks at Pioneer Electronics (USA), Inc. to Senior Vice President Marketing and Product Development.


One of the most rewarding facets of his 35+ years in business is speaking (and listening) to corporate and trade audiences about taking their careers, their products or their companies to the next level.
Audiences have included Microsoft, Nintendo, Panasonic and Sony and the Consumer Electronics Association.

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  1. This looks like a great book to read; especially for those of us interested in change. I will add it to my change post. TY! 🙂


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