If your house caught fire what would you take with you?

If your house caught fire what would you take with you?

The link above is an older post from 2009 when I was forced to move.

Today is 2014

I have moved in and out of places a lot and have tons of moving tips and organizing tips for all of you.

Speaking of what you would take if your house was on fire, I recently moved to a new place, that the fire alarm went off.

I was in such shock at how loud the noise was that I ran out of the building leaving behind my cat.  LESSON LEARNED.



The first alarm was my car in the parking lot on fire.

The second time was a false alarm, THANK GOD.

SO, the second time I made my EXIT strategy better, and yes got the keys, purse, and CAT out safely and quickly.

Being a Security Officer and freshly moved, this taught me so much and to share with you that if it was not a FALSE ALARM what then?

Ponder your things you value and think about your exit strategy, it can happen to you.

Share your thoughts below and if you have a plan in case of a fire where you live?

Thanks, Jackie ~

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