Daily Post Signs

Daily Post Signs

What I am passionate about

Old post from November 2013

Who Am I? Jackie Paulson

I am a mother, writer, animal lover, aunt, daughter, renter, avid reader, employee, nature lover, blogger

1.What brings you pain and what do you passionately complain the most about?

a)Animal abuse
b)Un- justice
c)My first marriage
d)Job market in economic times, world
e)Abuse of people,
g)People taking advantage of others when they are down and out

2.(The opposite of this highlights your gift and purpose.) What is the opposite?

a)Animal lover
b)Justice-paralegal, law
c)Faithfulness in marriage
d)Equality and jobs for all
e)Freedom to express self and get help
f)All homeless need a home
g)Helping others
Causes you care about:







About Jackie Paulson

I help authors by doing book reviews, I am an Intuitive Guidance Counselor Experienced Security Officer, Paralegal, Bachelor Degree Tech Mgmt, Master in HR Generalist, Barber/Hair Stylist 20+ years, Internet guru, Research, Blogger, Mom, Great Clips Hair Expert. Jackie Paulson © 2014-2016
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  4. MythRider says:

    I hear hockey season is back. If I remember correctly, you’re a big fan.
    May your team bring you lots of good and loud cheering. ;0)

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