My Devry Scope Statement

Project Scope Statement


Project Name Jackie’s Charity Dinner Dance 2014 Project Number 1
Project Manager Jackie Paulson Prioritization 1
Owner(s) Jackie Paulson Inc.

You are in charge of organizing a dinner-dance for a local charity. You have reserved a hall that will seat 100

and you’ve hired a band.


Statement of Work—Project Description and

Project Product

This section is typically a detailed amplification of the project SOW and mission from the Project Charter. This also includes how you intent to accomplish the project.

“We intend to organize a dinner dance for Jackie’s local Charity and we will reserve “THE PARKWAY RESTURANT” for the location in a private room that will seat one hundred people including a specialized dance floor and a stage to have Yanni play for all of our entertainment.”


This section is typically a detailed amplification of the SOW product description from the Project Charter. What will the product of the project look like or what should it be able to do when completed? This project will take one month or thirty days to accomplish from start to finish.


Project Deliverables
What are the tangible outputs or services of this project? We will hire Yanni in one week and pre pay for the live entertainment.
 What big-picture items will have to be created or performed in order to accomplish the statement of work? Once the band is hired, the restaurant will donate their room at THE PARKWAY RESTURANT for the charity dance event.  Our local Girl Scouts have donated their girls to set up all of the tables and chairs including the center pieces which include a vase on each table and and red roses placed into them.  The local flower shop has donated all of the flowers, although the Girl Scouts will go to a local Salvation Army to pick up different kinds of vases with a budget of 30.00.  There are 20 tables with five persons per table and thus twenty vases will be needed.  In the event that the cost runs more than expected, the Girls Scouts Troop leader Lisa will donate all the other money needed for this event. 
These are the deliverables to be found in the WBS.
Project Objectives What are the cost: Band is 100.00, Vases: 30.00 Restaurant: Free of charge, Flowers: free of charge. Schedule, and quality objectives of this project?
Project Assumptions  What are the assumptions on which the project is based? It is assumed that the band will not charge more than 100.00 which the Charity event planner will arrange and pay the 100.00 fee.  The Girl Scouts will take care of the tables and chairs the vases on each table, which will be set up on the day of the event Sunday September 27, 2014.
Project Constraints
What are the major limiting factors that affect the project? The Charity expected to have zero costs for this charity dance event although has arranged for the planner Jackie, and the Girl Scouts Leader to pay any other expenses.
Exclusions What are the boundaries of the project? This Charity event will take place on SEPT 27, 2014 at 10:00 am until 5:00 pm. 

What is to be included and what is to be excluded from the project? This Charity event will not let outsiders into the event as it is pre planned and has the 100 guests already to attend this event. 

Acceptance Criteria What must the product be able to do when completed to be acceptable to the customer? The customer is a local cancer child whom a single mother has not enough insurance to cover current and future costs of medical treatments.

What standards or regulations must the product meet? All money raised will be donated to Chris the child with cancer and the mother Jean.

What performance specifications must the product meet to be acceptable to the customer? Each guest will want to donate other charitable money donation as they learn of the expenses the child and mother endure each month and the story behind why the donations are needed. The event planner will donate a 100.00 gift card to Walmart to the highest donation on the day of the event.


Technical Requirements How should the product work? There will be a box for all cards and donations of money

to be placed into.

What features should it have? It will be decorated with the Child Chris and the stages

of cancer she battles.

What functionality must it have? It will have a slit only to place cards and money only.

At 5:00 PM one card will be picked for the highest donation and then the Walmart

gift card will be announced and given before everyone leaves the event.




Type Name



Project Manager Approval:



Jackie Paulson 9/8/2014



Customer/Sponsor Approval:




Chris and Jean Justin 9/8/2014


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