Announcing Writing 201: Finding Your Story

Learning how to write on a topic I love is the reason I want to learn and enjoy writing 101 Here are the URLs of all the bloggers currently registered for Writing 101. Please note that if your registration did not include a complete URL or properly-formed link to your site, we’re not able to include it here — if you don’t see your blog, feel free to leave a comment on this page with the correct URL. http://voicingaloud, http://LITTLEMISSDARKNESS.COM http://Ignoredbypep http:/ / http://www.cherryblossomclothing http://mothersagainstwindturbines

The Daily Post

I’m all for the scissors. I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil.

— Truman Capote

Last month, we hosted Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit, a write-every-day course over twenty days. Writing 101 focused on building a daily habit, experimenting with different kinds of writing, and engaging with others in the Commons. A finished product — a published post — wasn’t necessarily the ultimate goal, but more the result of working and thinking through the challenges we shared each day.

As we noticed in Writing 101, all of you have stories to tell. But sometimes it’s a challenge translating our life experiences into stories. We don’t spend enough time reflecting and rewriting, especially in our digital age where social media and other technologies push us daily to react, keep up, and keep moving.

A course on rewriting and editing

Roald Dahl once said that “good writing is essentially rewriting,” and…

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