Be the change you want to see in the world by Gandhi

If you were suddenly independently wealthy, how would you spend your time? What positive change would you bring to the world?  Money is just a tool.  It passes from one person to another from one organization to another.  It can be used to bless others or curse others.  Think about it, money is just a piece of paper right?  But, we all need it and have to have it to pay our bills.  Unless of course, you have zero bills to pay.  But unless you are homeless, you have rent, utilities, phone, cable, etc…each month to pay.  So, how do we go about doing that?  We find a job.  Do we find a job we love or do we just do a job to do it to make a  paycheck?  In this economic times and since 2007, it seems that jobs are few and far between.  Some people take any ol’ job just to meet the bills.  Others go back to college or move back home with their parents to save money.

I have been pondering doing what I love to do for pay or turning my hobby into an income for 2014.  What about you?  Or, do you and I do a job to get paid?  Hum…good question.  It’s been said to work a job and slowly build your stream of income doing your hobby, whether it is a craft like making blankets, selling on etsy, or even eBay.  Then, once the income steam is consistent then quit your day job or night job.  Everyone says write an “eBook.”  Well, I have tried that and done that so  it’s not working for me and now I have to investigate this entire line of income as it did not work for me.   Did you write an eBook?  How successful is it or did it flop?  Hints and tricks are welcome here!  No selling here please, just ideas….how did you go about it step by step and stop the bull crap!

So if I was wealthy I would want to help the homeless animals or abused animals.  Realistically right now, I’d probably attend law school or open my own Security Agency in Illinois.  Security is something everyone wants and needs whether it be in their home, public or any other type of security.  This is how I’d spend my time…now lets here form all of you!

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